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into a girly treat!

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Experience high quality, premium razors and discover unique, specialty shaving and body products, delivered right to your door at an affordable price!


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Live your life silky smooth and turn the chore of shaving into a treat! No commitments, no fees! Pause or cancel easily at anytime.

Why Join?

Girl, you juggle a million things every day. You’re pretty much super-woman dressed in jeans (or pretty pink heels). And up until now, you’ve had to go to the store, wait in line to buy overpriced razors and shaving products filled with who knows what to take care of your shaving needs. Or worse, you’ve been stealing your guy’s razor and hairy-man-smelling products to get the job done. Not anymore! As a member of All Girl Shave Club, we’ll send you your own high quality, premium razor and refills along with delicious, specialty shaving and body products so you turn the chore of shaving into a little luxury infused treat!  And don’t worry, there aren’t any commitments or any hidden fees – only pay for the razors and products you receive. Skip or cancel easily at anytime!